Amserv is one of the biggest car selling companies in Baltics since 1992. With over 450 employees they have 11 salons in Estonia and Latvia. Since 2009. September Amserv Group, Amserv Car and Ascar Car are known as AMSERV.

Gifts for long-term employees

As Amserv has many long-term employees, they wanted to give them recognition with memorable glass gifts.

Engarving glasses

Amserv chose glasses in 3 different sizes: For employees that have worked 20 years, they chose the biggest rectangular block 180x120x80mm, for 15 years lenght of service 100x100x100 mm cube and for 10 years 80x80x80mm cube. Besides workers’ name and expression of gratitude, we engraved Amserv logo and 3D model of a car.