May 04 3Dlaser

New products in 3Dlaser

All familiar cut-cornered cubes have now extra. We have been engraving 5x5x5, 6x6x6 and 8x8x8 cm cut-cornered cubes. Now we are happy to …

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March 20 3Dlaser

Illuminated house number signs

It is now possible to order house numbers with light, which look especially cool in the dark! Besides that, it is possible …

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March 06 3Dlaser

How to reward best employees?

Every manager knows  company’s progress and development  key word is a good employee. Keeping the best employees ensures customer satisfaction, good sales, satisfied colleagues and …

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March 01 3Dlaser

44. Tartu Ski Marathon trophies

3Dlaser was happy to engrave crystal trophies for 44.Tartu Maraton which took place on 26. February. Tartu Ski Marathon (Estonian: Tartu maraton) …

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December 28 3Dlaser

Beaming Christmas presents!

It is time to order your close ones beaming, delightful presents! There are many colorful lightbases in 3Dlaser product catalogue. Lightbases suit …

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