Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS


Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts (TLT) is a public transportation company owned by the city. The main activity of Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts (TLT) is providing bus, tram and trolleybus services, on the basis of a contract with the Tallinn Transport Department, on the bus, tram and trolleybus routes belonging to Tallinn’s common ticket system.

Gifts for helping parties

Tlt wanted to give presents to the helping parties in the 3th and 4th tram line reconstruction finishing event.

Engraving glasses

Two different sizes of glasses were chosen: rectangular block 80x120x180mm and 80x80x180 mm. A 3D model of the new tram in Tallinn had to be modelled. Besides the model we engraved tlt logo and names of the helping parties. Helping parties who got the glasses were for an example Tallinn City government, Ministry of the Environment, Tallinn City Transport Department, Spain Embassy in Estonia, Rail Transport in Estonia etc