Light base for corner cubes

2 bright white LEDs. Works on both wired and battery powered. (Cable not included)
Size: 70x60x20mm

PRICE: 13.70 €

Possible designs:


Mini: 40x40x40 mm or 50x50x50mm
Small: 60x60x60 mm
Medium: 80x80x80mm
Big: 100x100x100 mm

PRICE: 20.00€ | 26.00€ | 36.80€ | 57.60€

Possible designs: 2D, 3D

Cut-corner cubes

Small: 50x50x50 mm
Medium: 60x60x60 mm
Big: 80x80x80mm
Biggest: 100x100x100 mm

PRICE: 21.60€ | 26.00€ | 36.80€ | 57.60€

Possible designs: 2D, 3D

Rectangular blocks

Small: 50x50x80 mm
Light blue small: 50x50x80 mm
Medium: 60x60x90 mm
Big: 75x65x110 mm
Big: 80x80x120 mm

PRICE: 26.00 | 26.00€ | 32.00€ | 46.80€| 52.00€

Possible designs: 2D, 3D

Oblong crystal

Size: 100x100x200 mm

PRICE: 112€

Possible designs: 2D, 3D

Big crystal block

Size: 180x120x80 mm

PRICE: 92.40€

Possible designs: 2D, 3D


Small: 130x100x50 mm
Medium: 160x120x50 mm
Big: 190x140x50 mm

PRICE: 47.20€ | 58.80€ | 97.20€

Possible designs: 2D, 3D

Pen holder

Size: 50x50x80 mm

PRICE: 28.00€

Possible designs: 2D, 3D

Curve Prestige

Size: 180x80x35 mm

PRICE: 57.60€

Possible designs: 2D


70mm diameter crystal medal, hanging loop.

PRICE: € 10

Available with different edge treatments.
8-edge, 8-crystal
9-edge, 9 crystals
12-edge, 12 crystals
Gold / Silver / Bronze - metal decoration

Possible designs: 2D