Light base for corner cubes

2 bright white LEDs. Works on both wired and battery powered. (Cable not included)
Size: 70x60x20mm

PRICE: 13.70 €

Possible designs:

Lightbase for 8mm photoglass

White light, with 4.5V adapter (Included. Plug + USB cable)
Size: 130x55x22mm

PRICE: 24.60 €

Possible designs:

Rectangular lightbase 2in1

Color + white light, batteries
Size: 200x90x25 mm

PRICE: 32.40€

Possible designs:

Square lightbase 2in1

Color + white light, batteries
Size: 100x100x25 mm

PRICE: 27.60€

Possible designs:

Rotating lightbase

Rotating, with colored light, with batteries / cord, with mirror base.
Size: 110x110x35 mm.

PRICE: 22.00€

Possible designs:

Light base 12 LED

Black light base with white light and 12 LED lights.
Size: 100x100x20mm

PRICE: € 22.80

Ask for delivery time!

Possible designs:

Wooden lightbase

White light, wired
Horizontal glass: 225 mm
Vertical glass: 165 mm

PRICE: 31.20€

Possible designs:

Lightbase for photoglass (with metal legs)

Color + white light, with batteries
Size:150x60x40 mm

PRICE: 30.00€

Possible designs: